Most Canadian Would Choose A Fixed-Rate Mortgage Today

If they were arranging a mortgage today most Canadians would opt for a fixed-rate loan rather than risk volatility with a variable deal. That’s the finding of a survey by Nielsen for CIBC, which revealed that 57 per cent would prefer to have certainty in their repayments. A similar survey last year had 48 per cent choosing a fixed-rate while in 2011 it was just 39 per cent. "The poll results confirm what many of our clients are telling us, that they don't expect rates to go any lower and, in today's housing market, they want the comfort and security of knowing exactly what their mortgage payments will be for the next  four or five years," said Barry Gollom, vice president of CIBC. The poll also revealed: 30 per cent of respondents would pick a variable mortgage; 11 per cent are undecided; 44 per cent expect higher rates next year while 42 per cent expect them to stay the same. Regionally there is little difference in the percentage of respondents would opt for fixed rate. But, on how rates will change, those in Atlantic Canada, Manitoba and Saskatchewan are more likely to expect rate rises in the next 12 months. A larger proportion of younger Canadians (18 to 24 years old) believe that rates will rise.