Vancouver. Why People Want to Visit and...then Live!

I'm just sitting at the Vancouver airport (voted one of the nicest in the world) waiting to board my Air Canada flight to China. I was just reminding myself as to why I was getting back on a plane when the last 15 years of my work life have been spent on a plane. I sell Real Estate now. My neighbourhood is what I sell. So why China? To ignore a country that represents roughly 20% of the World's population (1.4 Billion of 7.2 Billion)...a country with new-found freedoms to travel and invest...with a middle class of approximately 340 Million (largely than the population of the US)...representing more than 40% of China's total urban disposable income...would be tantamount to negligent. To ignore that buying sector when the Chinese people have been coming to Canada for 200 years and have an affection for this country would be gross negligence. But to ignore the fact that our country is beautiful, safe and ethnically tolerant would be crazy. Here's the video I'll be showing people over the next week when I'm in Shanghai and attending a Real Estate expo in Beijing...wonderful Vancouver!!!