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Canada - The World's Most Reputable Country

(January 13, 2014)

Another reason that the World is looking to invest in Canada. From liveable cities to stable financial systems to positive human rights' records, Canada is an attractive proposition.

Market Update - Video from BCREA

(January 12, 2014)

For those of you that prefer to's a buyers' market!

Where are Mortgage Rates going in 2014/2015? 

(January 12, 2014)

Here's a short, uncomplicated read on Interest Rate projections. A short executive summary is as follows:

"Keeping in mind that the Bank has spent the past several years pushing that date back, if the Canadian economy does accelerate as most expect in 2014, a gradual rise in short-term 
interest rates will follow...

...we expect that eventual Bank of Canada tightening will occur very slowly in 2015... read more.

Market Update - January 2014

(January 12, 2014)

There's good reason for optimism around the BC real estate market. This tends to be the case when the fundamentals are sound. Here's a recent forecast from the BC Real Estate Association Chief Economist