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The Rule of Three...

(November 29, 2014)

The Tidal Wave is Coming...

(November 28, 2014)

Home handy hints - Clean your gutters

(November 27, 2014)

IMF - "Housing market is on track for a soft landing"

(November 27, 2014)

Foreign Buyers Bolster Housing Cycle

(November 26, 2014)

The major Canadian beneficiary of this is Vancouver

More Talk of an Interest Rate Rise? Come on....

(November 26, 2014)

Here's your daily update. I love the comment by Jim Reid who debunks dragging Canada (with it's responsible financial system) into the morass that is everything below the 49th parallel.

Daily Market Update

(November 24, 2014)

Should I Sell My Home Now Or Wait Until Spring?

(November 23, 2014)

I frequently get asked this question. Serious buyers (who is really excited about being a "Looky Lou" when it's cold and rainy)(Demand) plus limited stock on the market (Supply) are the overwhelming answer. Here's a great article outlining other reasons to market in the Fall/Winter

9 Ways to Keep Your House Warm and Save $$$

(November 21, 2014)

Daily Update

(November 21, 2014)

Just keeping you up to speed on what's going on...

Good News for Buyers...And Current Owners

(November 20, 2014)

Despite the ebullient title it would be wise to buy before rates start to go North

Canadian Real Estate Magazine

(November 18, 2014)


(November 16, 2014)

Residential Outlook to Remain Strong

(November 16, 2014)

Why we shouldn't fear a crash in Canada's 3 hottest markets...

(November 12, 2014)

My belief? On a supply/demand basis real estate in Vancouver is underpinned by sound fundamentals. Others agree.

Rise in Migration to BC = Housing Price Boost

(November 08, 2014)

"Craig Bytes" - My October Newsletter

(November 07, 2014)

All the September real estate stats for Vancouver...things are still hot, hot, hot

"Craig Bytes" - My November Newsletter

(November 07, 2014)

Read all the real estate stats for October