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Canadian real estate still has room for growth says PwC report

(October 31, 2016)

Despite gloomy calls for a market slowdown or even a crash, a new report says there is still room for growth in Canadian real estate.

Although the report from PwC Canada and the Urban Land Institute acknowledges the potential for a pullback in Toronto and Vancouver in 2017, it forecasts a “year of stability” for the housing market, albeit with a 0.9 per cent drop in prices.

“Opportunities in the Can... read more.

Overpriced Homes...Why Buyers Should Offer

(October 27, 2016)

Now that all the froth and bubble has died down and the Vancouver market has normalized I'm encouraging my buyer clients to start discussions on any listed homes that appeal to them and suit their needs...regardless of the list price.

The number one reason why an otherwise attractive home does not sell is price. Homes that are grossly overpriced often never sell at all.

Why? Because home buyers don... read more.

No wonder buyers are confused...

(October 26, 2016)

The real estate market is like any other market. Sure it's fuelled by need, a change in the exigencies of life and a desire to own one's own castle.

It's also driven or slowed by uncertainty and emotion. Vancouver still presents as beautiful, safe place to live with wonderful amenities. There is still a shortage of developable land; remember we are surrounded by mountains, ocean and the US border a... read more.

Grouse Mountain to be sold...

(October 08, 2016)

I'm passing the hat around...

Ottawa to close tax loophole amid reports of abuse of home ownership rules

(October 03, 2016)

The Globe and Mail is reporting that Ottawa is preparing to close a tax loophole that's been used by foreign buyers in overheated housing markets such as Vancouver and Toronto.

The Globe says the Trudeau government plans to tackle apparent abuse of a long-standing exemption that allows non-residents to buy homes and later claim a tax exemption on the sales of those properties.

That exemption will re... read more.